Third Culture Kids

Just finished the book “Third Culture Kids” by David Pollock. The subtitle is “The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds”.  I read it after suggestions from Carrie Crawford and Louis Arndt. Both of these women have lived overseas with their children. I also read it because we are headed out of the country for two years and while in Shanghai, China, my students will be comprised of many Third Culture Kids or TCK as they are referred to.

The book had many stories from Adult TCKs who experienced first hand what it was like. Many of the stories were from the Military families who must move every 3 years. David Pollock tries to defines who is a TCK and also spends time on the benefits and challenges.

My favorite chapter was about “Dealing with Transition” (Chapter 13). The chapter develops the idea of everyone building a raft with 4 logs.  The 4 logs consist of Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, and Think Destination. Much of the advice in the book is relevant to any parent or teacher.

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  1. Hello, just to say I am so glad you read the book “Third Culture Kids” and wrote about it. I think it is really good that parents and teachers read about TCKs. I’m an adult third culture kid, I’m from the Netherlands but was born in Zambia and lived in 2 other African countries as a kid. It really helped me to read and learn about third culture kids. Let’s get the word out! Read more on my blog:
    Recently I wrote a post on the importance of TCKs learning to be themselves (where ever they are!):
    Wishing you and your family a good time overseas! greetings.

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