Street Food

This week we had a lot of Street Food. We have street food most times of day right outside our gate. We also found a great street about 1/4 mile away that has both barbecue and stir fry choices.

In the morning, right outside our gate, we can find breakfast burritos. They are made with a crepe type of outer-shell, with egg on top, added chives, garnishes, then folded and added spice ( a tien a tien – a little) and we think sesame sauce, then folded again with a fried crisp added then folded and cut. It is delicious and if I exercised more, I would eat it every morning. There is also a stand with dim sum which comes in many flavors. We tried a rice one, a meat one (pork), a spinach and garlic one, and a noodle one. I loved them all except the meat one.  I think I might become a vegetarian. Many times there is a fruit and vegetable guy out there too. A local ex-pat magazine states that the street vendors as of September 1st will need to get a food license. I hope that doesn’t get rid of our cheap meals.

The food street that is 1/4 mile away is an easy bike ride away. We went this week on Wednesday and Friday night. Margaret requests we spend her birthday eating there. On Wednesday, Matt, Margaret and I tried the barbecue. Frank was with his new friend Drew’s house eating dinner. Drew is from USA and lives a short bike ride away. at the barbecue stop we picked out raw things and they barbecue in front of you. We asked for medium spice again ( a tien a tien ) and picked out mushrooms, beans, some meats, some tofu and lotus root. We waited for the food and they brought it to us in a small bag to go. We ate while walking around and there were some delicious tastes, then Margaret got to the tofu. She stated that it smelled funny and then said “I think this is stinky tofu”. Matt tasted it and could not believe how bad it was, so he tasted it again and then they made me try it.  I gagged. It tastes and smells like feet. I don’t get how they eat it.

On Friday night, we had a faculty meeting at the local bar called “Dreamers”. The bar caters to the local ex-pats. Matt and I dropped Frank off at Drew’s house, while Margaret was at volleyball and then we stopped in to see all. When Margaret got home from volleyball, I met her half way to allow her to come to the bar. She had a quesadilla at the bar fro 45 yuan, then we went for street food. We ordered 3 vegetarian plates, a huge plate of snails, and a noodle dish. We got the tofu and green peppers first and they were delicious. We ordered a beer and a sprite, then got the noodles, which Margaret would not share. Then the snails came, which I would not try, but Matt and Margaret ate. Suddenly two more teacher couples showed up and joined us and ordered lots more. More beer, some bbq, some noodles, etc. . . We had so much food. We ate rice packed together and bbq-ed which Margaret and I loved. All the food came to 100 yuan. I think we like the street food because you can try so much and not worry about not eating it because there is so much.

Thursday night we ate out by our gate at another bbq dinner. It was tasty although I ended up eating my crown and had to go to the dentist for a replacement. Not a fun 2 days with raw tooth exposed, but the dentist was great and spoke perfect English.

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  1. SNARLing says:

    oh man, i’m so jealous! pictures please!!!

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