The benefits of massage must outweigh the cost. In Shanghai, our massages are only costing us 70 RMB which does not seem to be a lot based on our Western salaries. But when I think about the fact that you can eat dinner with Street Food for only 5 RMB a night, I am thinking it is still a luxury.

We have tried two different people for massage. The first was Elle, who I might have mentioned because she does have fingers of steel. She brings her own massage table and her sister if you need two at a time. She speaks a little English and was good, but definitely harder than I like. She massaged my biceps, which felt really weird.

Then we were told to try Sonny, who is a small athletic Chinese man. Sonny does not have his own massage table, so you have to lay down on your bed. For my neck issues, this is not ideal. Sonny came once for two hours to massage but Matt and I. Matt was great.  I didn’t like the no table thing.  Needless to say, Matt has been getting a massage a week.  He loves it. This week he made me take it.  Sonny showed up and I told him I had neck issues and could not lay on my stomach for long, he said OK. I was laying there relaxing, wondering if he understood enough English to know what I was saying.  He did. After some time on my stomach, he had me lay on my back and worked on my neck and head for what seemed like forever. If we could only get Sonny to come every day. . . .

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