Frank as Justin Bieber

Frank decided to be JB for Halloween.  What would we have to do?  Skinny Jeans – Borrowed from Margaret, Purple Sweatshirt and Sunglasses – bought, Shoes and Hat – Frank had.

Biggest issue – Hair Color – We had to do it. . . Finding color in China for blonde was interesting. We could have paid $75 for a salon to dye his hair. I kept looking thinking the dye has to be here somewhere.  Finally at a “hardware market” I found it.  For only $1.50. I was hoping his hair would not fall out. It was in English so at least I could read the directions.  Here was the process.  . .. .

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One Response to Frank as Justin Bieber

  1. Janet says:

    So cute!! – or should I say handsome? or beiberful? Glad you were able to find the right dye – he looks great!

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