Hong Kong Visit in November

I can’t believe it is 2012. I haven’t posted in two months, but I will try to catch up.

Hong Kong was what I imagined Shanghai to be. Lots of neon lights, lots of street markets, but also lots of English spoken everywhere. We were even able to figure out the bus system- – –  Although we did get lost once. We stayed at the Royal Plaza, which was expensive but wonderful. It was attached to a mall, which we really didn’t use except for the Crepe Store that had yummy crepes.

It took a while but we took the ferry to the Hong Kong Island side and finally found the longest escalator. We didn’t realize how “proper” the Hong Kong people were and found a stranger tapping us to tell us “You’re blocking the way” in a British accent.

We also went to the night laser show that was fun but a bit of a disappointment- I mean we do live in China and see fireworks on a regular basis.

Overall, it was a wonderful relaxing fun stay.

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3 Responses to Hong Kong Visit in November

  1. Angelita Surage says:

    Thanks for posting – frank looks older!!!! we all miss you..continue with your adventure

  2. Jeanne Marie says:

    Love the pictures! Hope you are having fun.
    Love you, Jeanne Marie

  3. Erin johnston says:

    Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun! xoxox

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