Shanghai in February

Saturday, February 18th we decided to make a day of going to Puxi. We weren’t sure what we were going to do but we got on the subway and got off at People’s Square.  We started walking around not knowing where was what and we found the Shanghai Art Museum which we knew had the Joan Miro exhibit. The building was beautiful from the outside and I had to check out what it was originally (discovered in the back stairs that it was built for the original race track in Shanghai in 1933). The first floor had amazing art work by a Chinese Painter. The second floor had a small exhibit of samples of different types of Chinese Art: photos, paper cutting, ink drawings, etc. .  The third floor had another Chinese Photographer that had amazing photos of the Tibet or Mongolian areas (we weren’t sure since everything was in Chinese). The fourth floor had Joan Miro. Some of the work was made fun of by us because of its simplicity, but there were some truly amazing works.

After the museum we walked towards Nanjing road to explore, have Chinese food and just hang out. We found a mannequin store, fake violinists, and flowers that had what looked like cabbage in them.

We went back to the park to find out children and mental patients need to be accompanied by adult. . . See the sign. And then we found the RIDES. We all went on bumper cars and the kids did the scary ride three times!!!



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One Response to Shanghai in February

  1. Angelita Surage says:

    Joan Miro is one of my very favorite painters – the mural outside my room has Miroesque designs on her dress….sounds like an adventure!!!!

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