Sites in Phnom Penh

What did we do while we were in Phnom Penh?

We started at the market of course you have to go shopping. We went to Chinese Noodles for lunch, then we spent some time at the pool. We met the Patersons for a Cambodian dinner. Then we went to the Night Market to see how it sells almost exactly the same things it sells in China.  Here is a quick video for you to watch.

Our second day we visited the Killing Fields. It was an amazingly sad yet peaceful area. Then we decided to eat at a Korean restaurant that was great. Margaret almost likes it as much as sushi and Frank loves meat. After lunch Rob had a great idea to walk home – in the Cambodia heat – on a railroad track.  I am so glad, it is part of Cambodia we might not have seen and Matt wanted to try all the street food.  We also had dinner by the pool with the Codys, Tobins, Patersons, and Crawfords. It was so good to be around friends.

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2 Responses to Sites in Phnom Penh

  1. Debra Reiter says:

    After lunch……………………. WHAT?

  2. murcha says:

    Hi Toni, I see that we share similar interests! My husband and I love travelling as well. In September last year we spent three nights in Phnom Penh as we got cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur where we were visiting friends. Unfortunately, we chose the three days of holidays for one of the Buddhist festivals. This meant that most people were out from the into the villages visiting family members and that many restaurants were shut and some tourist attractions were closed. However, we were able to see some of the celebrations that went with it. The killing fields will leave a lasting impression on us.
    The food was great and we enjoyed eating at restaurants (that were open) along the river. We want to go back one day and visit Angkor Watt.

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