Some Nature Within Shanghai

A day at the largest park in Shanghai – Century Park.  Frank, Matt and I rented a bike/car to bike through the park which is sprawling. The bike was hard to peddle with three of us riding, but proved to be entertaining. Frank pushed us a lot of the time or we switched who had to walk.  Many Chinese families come here with their tents to spend the afternoon in nature. We quickly found the bumper cars and went twice. The bush sculptures they have there amazed me.

Yuyuan Garden was a separate trip. Tucked in the busy part of Puxi. This little Garden was crowded and rocky, but I love rocks.  The last picture is of Matt in Zen Veg a cool little vegetarian restaurant we got to a lot. I made this video in Animoto because I have run out of image space on my blog.

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  1. Janet says:

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    My sister has been teaching this year in Shanghai. What a wonderful life experience. But I’m glad she will be home this summer. Enjoy!!!

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