Blue Skies in Shanghai

This week we had great weather in Shanghai. I was riding my bike when I realized I am spoiled. Weather like this week is common-place in Colorado. Colorado claims to have over 300 days of beautiful weather. I like it here. I could live here longer. But I love living in Colorado. I am spoiled.

I did feel like the warm weather made everyone here happier. People seemed to be smiling and enjoying life. Does better weather make people happy? Or does it make me happy so the world looks brighter?

Chinese people are pretty serious and with nicer weather they are definitely outside joining being outdoors more. Why do they like to be outside? It is very social to be outside. People still go for a stroll or exercise by walking briskly and slapping the sides of their bodies to help with circulation. (at least I think that is why they do it?)

In China, nice weather also means the sun might be fighting its way through the pollution and that is a positive thing when pollution is a large problem. What else do they do outside during their strolls. They watch older men playing cards or Chinese Checkers. They watch women of many different ages doing Chinese line dances. They watch in the mornings people doing Tai Chi. They watch grandparents taking care of the grandchildren with toys and bikes going everywhere. If I knew the language, I would be able to say more about the amazing sense of community that they have during these outside hours.

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4 Responses to Blue Skies in Shanghai

  1. Angelita says:

    You’re a keen observer and a good writer – do I sound like a teacher or what? You’ll be a greater convert to alternative energy and diligence about air and water…can’t wait to hear more about your experience in China…it is gorgeous today and I am happy and grateful

  2. Janet says:

    So glad you have a beautiful day. I think everything looks brighter when your outlook is positive. Can’t wait to share sunny days with you.

  3. Janet says:

    Reblogged this on Balancing Life and Faith and commented:
    Sharing the sun with my sister in Shanghai

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